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Limerick Leader

No dia 25 de outubro de 2013 uma reportagem no Limerick Leader trouxe perguntas e mais perguntas e até hoje não sabemos detalhes sobre a notícia veiculada pelo jornal.
Diz ser um processo contra um dos integrantes da banda The Cranberries, Noel Hogan e esta ação vindo de outro integrante da banda, Dolores O'Riordan.
Não há nenhum comentário sobre o caso, todos da banda calaram-se.
Parte copiada do jornal Limerick Leader:

"By Alan Owens
DOLORES O’Riordan has initiated a High Court action against her Cranberries’ bandmate and songwriting partner Noel Hogan.
The High Court proceedings were lodged last week but no court appearances have been set or other papers filed. The Cause of Action in the filing is listed as a ‘declaration’.
The various parties involved were remaining tight lipped this week, with Ballybricken woman Dolores’ spokesperson offering a simple “no comment”, while solicitors for the diminutive rockstar, Eversheds, also declined to discuss the matter, saying they were “not in a position to comment in relation to this case”.
Guitarist and chief songwriter Noel Hogan also failed to respond when contacted this week, and has yet to give notice of what solicitor will act for him in the proceedings.
Efforts to determine the cause of the issue between the bandmates were met with a stony silence from the close circle of friends around the band, who, other than the frontwoman and new Voice of Ireland judge, are based in Limerick.
However, the relationship between Hogan and O’Riordan is known to be basically a working one.

Reportagem completa: http://www.limerickleader.ie/what-s-on/arts-entertainment/music/cranberries-stars-could-face-off-in-the-high-court-1-5621794

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